Ford Web Series Features Strength, F-150, and Boxers

What does the Ford F-150 have in common with Mexican boxers Edgar Juárez Calzada, Giselle Leal, and Michel de la Vega Esparza Oteo? Well, they have “fuerza” – which translates to strength – and they will also be featured in the new ‘Fuerza Ford’ webisodes.

Since 2010 Ford has been the official automotive sponsor for the Box Azteca series and recently, the Detroit-based company announced a partnership with Azteca America that will launch the 10-episode Spanish-language web series – which features the strongest parts of the F-150 as well as boxing tips.

“Ford is a leader in content marketing for U.S. Latinos, which is why we’re so honored to work together on the ‘Fuerza Ford’ boxing video campaign,” said Court Stroud, executive vice president, network sales and digital, Azteca America.

If you are interested in the Hispanic boxing culture and/or the F-150, be sure to not miss the Fuerza Ford web series, which can be seen on the Fuerza Ford Facebook and Twitter pages. Be sure to also come visit us at Shults Ford of Harmarville to see our newest lineup of tough, dependable, and fuerza Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs, today!

Ford Web Series

A Home Fit for Automotive Royalty – The Edsel and Eleanor Ford House

If you ever find yourself in the Detroit area, you owe it to yourself to see the Esdel and Eleanor Ford House – a local gem and historical landmark endowed with architectural beauty, art, antiques, and Ford paraphernalia.

The lakefront home located on 87-acres of property was once the private residence to Edsel Ford – the only child of famed Ford founder, Henry Ford – and his wife and four children. Built in 1929, the 30,000 square foot, 60-room, English Cotswold-style home was opened “for the benefit of the public” in 1976 upon Eleanor’s request. The property is managed by a non-profit board and is utilized for classes, lectures, events, and tours.

Currently, the nearly-century-old home is undergoing a $2 million-plus restoration to help maintain and preserve the building and grounds. The renovations include the implementation of a new bioswale (a wetlands system to help with drainage), the manufacture of a bridge connecting the property to Bird Island, moisture monitors, and updated electrical lines.

So if you ever find yourself in the Gross Pointe Shore area and want to see a part of Ford history, be sure to check out the Edsel and Eleanor Ford house – but until then, stop by Shults Ford of Harmarville for the best deals on Ford trucks, cars, vans, and SUVs, today!

Edsel and Eleanor Ford House