Ford Partners with DowAska to Make Carbon Fiber Cars

Ford has teamed up with DowAska to bring us something we’ve been waiting for a long time at Shults Ford of Harmarville: carbon fiber.

As you may already know, carbon fiber is an extremely useful material that brings a number of benefits to the machines that use it, including low weight, high strength, and high stiffness. These among a number of other properties have made it incredibly popular in motorsports, aerospace, and military engineering.

So far, though, it’s remained mostly out of reach of regular automotive customers. But no longer. Ford’s new partnership with DowAska is all about finding the best way to manufacture high-volume carbon fiber for use in cars in a way that is actually cost-effective, which up to this point has been the main limiting factor.

If Ford could somehow begin building carbon fiber cars (or cars with carbon fiber parts), we could expect major weight reductions at essentially no cost in structural strength. We can’t wait!

carbon fiber cars

Ford GT Inspires Home Goods at Milan Furniture Show

We all know that Ford’s day-job is designing cars – and really, really awesome ones, at that. But what if we told you that Ford has taken on some other design work, and it involves things like a guitar, a foosball table, and a racing sailboat?

Ford has taken on a new challenge at the world’s leading furniture and design expo in Milan, Italy, designing a number of non-automotive creations based on the one-and-only Ford GT supercar. Besides what was listed above, the creations include a sandwich, a ping pong table, lounge furniture, a suspended light, a Wi-Fi speaker, a magnetic hover board, a suitcase and more.

Before you get too excited, you should know that these creations were designed only for the Milan Furniture show, and Ford plans to stick with what it knows best: cars. “We’re taking the concepts and philosophy behind the Ford GT’s interior design and applying it to other products,” Ford design chief Moray Callum said of the unique goods.

These projects allow Ford designers to showcase their creative talents while exploring design opportunities for future Ford vehicles.

“We have an incredible amount of talent in our global design studios,” said Ford’s chief designer, Moray Callum, in a statement. “Salone del Mobile is the perfect forum to share some of that creativity, while also offering our designers an opportunity to get exposure to new ideas that will inspire future Ford design.”

Stop by Shults Ford of Harmarville today to learn more about the exciting all-new Ford GT!

Milan Furniture Show

Ford March Sales Post Best Performance in Nine Years

Ford March sales numbers are in and positive increases were noted almost across the board! In fact, Ford retail sales were their best in 9 years. Leading the way for Ford was none other than the F-Series, as well as the American automaker’s Mustang and van sales.

The new F-Series posted a 10 percent sales increase in March. In addition, Ford Mustang sales increased 36 percent, marking the pony car’s best performance since 2007. The Ford Transit, Transit Connect, and E-Series had total sales of 20,821 units, accounting for a 42 percent increase in total van sales.

In a recent press release, Mark LaNeve, Ford Vice President of U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service, said, “Our retail performance was driven by gains across our utility van and truck lineups with strong consumer acceptance of the all-new F-150. We are especially pleased to post our best retail March sales performance in nice years, despite tight supply across our F-series lineup.”

Ford is off to a hot start, and hopes to continue with that positive momentum going forward. Keeping customers happy by providing fun, quality vehicles is what Ford is all about. If you want to experience the best-selling Ford vehicles for yourself, come visit us at Shults Ford of Harmarville today!

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Ford Aiming to Triple Indian Auto Production

Ford is investing heavily in growing Asian markets, and China and India are at the forefront. In China, Lincoln vehicles are flying off lots, and Ford plans to open 20 new dealerships in the country in 2015 alone. In India, Ford is expanding its manufacturing industry with a $1 billion investment.

The investment will go towards a plant that will be almost entirely automated. Slower sales of the larger models have hurt Ford’s market share in India. As a result, the automaker has a plan for Indian auto production to triple, offsetting slow sales with increased exports. The new factory will focus on making engines and compact cars.

Endgame, Ford plans to triple the current number of exports in coming years, although there’s no exact timeline publicly available. In all, the plant will build 610,000 engines and 440,000 vehicles a year. Included in the compact segment are the EcoSport, a small SUV, and the Figo Aspire, a compact sedan.

“India is very cost competitive, which is important particularly for small vehicles,” Ford Chief Executive Mark Fields told reporters. By building locally, Ford hopes that local sales will pick up as well.

Indian Auto Production

Ford’s Production of New EcoBoost Vehicles Passes 5 Million Units

EcoBoost technology has revolutionized the Ford Motor Company, its products, and the automotive industry so completely, it’s hard to imagine that the Blue Oval only started cranking out EcoBoost-equipped vehicles back in 2009. Six years later, and the technology has really taken off. Recently, at an assembly plant in Wayne, Michigan, a Ford Focus with a 1.0-liter turbocharged EcoBoost engine rolled off the line, and the brand passed 5 million EcoBoost-equipped vehicles in production.

The little 1.0-liter engine in the new Focus also showcases how far EcoBoost technology has come since 2009, when it was first deployed on the 3.5-liter V6 engine in the Ford Taurus SHO. EcoBoost technology has quickly and steadily taken over the entire brand and will continue to spread its good influence to more models.

Ford production of EcoBoost vehicles has been especially rapid in the last three years. In 2012, there were only 500,000 EcoBoost vehicles on the roads—and now there are five million. In fact, 200,000 EcoBoost engines are made each month currently. To learn what all the hubbub is about, come see us at Shults Ford of Harmarville. We’ll find the perfect Ford vehicle, complete with EcoBoost technology for better performance and fuel efficiency, for you in our vast inventory!

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