2015 Ford EcoBoost Challenge Delivers Day of Test Drives to Pittsburgh

Coming soon to the Pittsburgh International Race Complex is the 2015 Ford EcoBoost Challenge! The EcoBoost Challenge begins March 7th, as the automaker criss-crosses the country, giving Ford fans and potential customers a unique opportunity to get behind the wheel of the automaker’s most popular models.

During the event, participants will have a chance to test drive vehicles like the all-new Edge and Expedition as well as the 2015 Escape, Fusion Hybrid, and Transit Connect Wagon. In addition, the famed and freshly redesigned 2015 F-150 and Mustang will be on hand for test drives.

“With EcoBoost engines now available across 100 percent of our U.S. light-duty lineup, the EcoBoost Challenge lets consumers experience this innovative technology that helps Ford deliver better fuel economy with a more engaging driving experience than the competition,” said Michele Bartlett, group marketing manager for Ford’s large cars and SUVs. “Not only is the EcoBoost Challenge a lot of fun, but getting people in the driver’s seat is the best way for them to experience the craftsmanship, innovation and performance of the Ford lineup.”

The event will also offer lessons in driving a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, as well as the opportunity for participants to win a 2015 Ford Edge.

The tour’s pit stop in Pittsburgh is on May 30th, so be sure to mark your calendars and register for the event. We at Shults Ford of Harmarville can’t wait for Ford’s EcoBoost Challenge to come to town.

2015 Ford EcoBoost Challenge

Ford’s New Hot Hatch is the Rally Car Inspired Ford Focus RS

In 2016, Ford Performance will be adding another Ford model to the ranks of the GT super car, Mustang Shelby GT350R, and F-150 Raptor. It’s the rally car inspired Ford Focus RS, sporting all-wheel-drive and a six-speed manual. The hot hatch roars with a Mustang 2.3-liter turbocharged-engine throwing 315 angry ponies down to its 19-inch wheels.

“The all-new Focus RS is a serious machine with high-performance technology and innovative engineering that sets a new benchmark for driving exhilaration on the road and track,” Raj Nair, group vice president of global product development, said in a statement.

For Ford, it’s a homecoming of sorts. The car company has long sold RS (Rally-Sport) models in Europe and Asia, where the brand has been associated with winning World Rally Championships. This Focus is the 30th Ford to wear the RS badge and one of a growing number of high-octane cars being built under the Ford Performance umbrella.

While pricing is not yet set, the coming of the RS will hail a new era of hatchback performance at Shults Ford of Harmarville. Stop by for more details on this exciting car.

rally car inspired Ford Focus RS

Buying Winter Tires: A Way of Getting Extra Traction in the Snow

If you found yourself sliding around on the road this winter season, it might be time to think about investing in winter tires. Known for their incredible grip in ice and snow, winter tires might just save your life. That’s why we’ve put together a list to explain why buying winter tires is a good idea.

What exactly are winter tires? Winter tires come in a variety of forms, but for the most part they have deep, unique tread patterns, and sometimes even spikes if you’re looking for something really durable. Despite bad weather conditions, most drivers think they can get by on summer or all-season tires – but they’re wrong. Winter tires add approximately 20% more grip than all-season tires, according to Consumer Reports.

Aside from driving on summer tires during the winter, many people think that if they have 4WD or independent AWD, they’ll be safer in the snow. While these systems may prevent you from getting stuck, they actually make you accelerate faster in the snow. Winter tires provide the necessary grip to prevent you from sliding.

Winter tires are also great for circumstances other than ice and snow. They tend to retain tire pressure (which drops in cold weather) and they can cling to both wet and dry surfaces. That means that even if it’s not snowing, winter tires still give you a leg up.

buying winter tires

Mustang Beats Batman and Superman in List of the Top Worst Passwords

We’ve got to start off by saying this: don’t use “Mustang” as a password—for anything. As nice as it is that you would think about the car when trying to protect your privacy, it just isn’t a good password.

Okay. That being said, it is pretty flattering. But why are we bringing this up? Every year, SplashData releases a list of the top 25 most common passwords found on the internet, which—by virtue of having been found—also makes it a list of the top 25 worst passwords.

Some are perfect examples of why you shouldn’t base your passwords on the patterns of your keyboard: “11111,” “abc123,” “123456,” and “qwerty” are classic staples that reappear every year. Popular sports such as “baseball” and “football” are also common reoccurrences.

There were a few new entries this time around, including “batman” and “superman.” But the one that really caught our eye at Shults Ford of Hamarville was “mustang,” which, amazingly, was ranked higher than the two popular superheroes. So while it makes for a terrible password, its appearance on the list is pretty telling of the iconic American car’s mass appeal!

list of the top worst passwords